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 Miss Debashree Ghosh

 Part-Time Lecturer

 Department of History



 Besides the lecture method, the teachers in this department make use of various other methods of teaching to make them effective and joyful for the students, such as interactive teaching method, communicative language teaching method, audio-lingual method, computer or technology supported methods etc, to create a healthy teaching-learning environment. The teachers regularly use projectors and laptops, voice-recorders and visualizers to enable the students having a palpable effect of the teaching. Relevant films, video clips, photographs, powerpoint presentations are shown to make teaching innovative and interesting. Sometimes downloaded classes of foreign Universities such as Yales and Houston are shown to the students via wi-fi technology to give them ideas of the global situations. Peer learning techniques are used in the classrooms and students are sometimes given the opportunity to play the role of the teachers to present lectures. Besides regular counseling sessions are arranged with the students to understand their problems, and special tutorial classes are arranged to solve those issues.