Rules and Regulations :
Perseverance and discipline are sign qua non for success in life. Keeping this in mind, the college authority has resolved to deliver a disciplined yet informal environment in the college in which the student would learn the secrets of becoming not only successful but also responsible member of society. Being guided by the recommendations of the Governing body of the College as well as of the University, the College authority has decided to lay down certain rules and regulations which would be rigorously adhere to:

1. student must be regular in classes. Student having less than 50% of attendance would subject themselves to strict punishment decided by the authorities. Poor percentage in classes may rob them of the several facilities offered by the College to the student time to time.

2. Student must keep their identity cards always with them so that they can prove their link with this College if and when asked. A student without identity cards is liable to be evicted from the College campus at any given time.

3. A student having any kind of business with the Principal, the Professor or non-teaching member of the College will have to take prior permission. Entering the Principal’s office or the staff room is strictly prohibited.

4. A student found involved in atrocious activities which are detrimental to the reputation of the College will subject himself or herself to strict punishment as decide by the College Discipline Committee.

5. Respect to the teacher and staff members are a must for this College. A student found involved in insulting, showing disrespects to the Principal, the teacher or the other staff members of the College, will be liable to strict punishment.

6. Student having any kind of complains or inconvenience will have full authority to register their dissatisfaction to the College authority, provide that do it peacefully and not hurting the interest of fellow pupils. Any activity which would hamper the interest of the students or destroy the environment of education in the College will be liable for strict censuring.

7. Attending the text examination or any examination arranged by the College is a must. Student, who would fail to attend these examinations without valid reasons, will be debarred from appearing in the final examination or they may face heavy penalties.