Facilities :

a) The College offers a homely environment in which personal attention is given to the growth of each student .Regular tutorial classes are arranged to help average students to keep pace with the rest . Besides that, the teaching staff of the college is eager to establish one-to-one correspondence with the students to give them proper counseling for shaping up their careers.

b) The college office consists of an always inspiring team of dedicated workers who are prepared to render services to the students, their guardians and others at any given time. They are a sincere and mild-natured lot who makes no compromise with their works.

c) The college has a library consisting of more than five thousand books on various subjects. Subjects will have full access to the text books as well as the reference books during their stay in the college.

d) Most of the classrooms of the college are electronically well-equipped with projectors, sound system, and electronic boards with censors and white-boards which make learning even richer in experience.

e) The College provides the students with water-coolers, generators, computers and other such facilities that make the students’ stay in the College comfortable.

f) The College is under the surveillance of close circuit camera round the clock to prevent the occurrence of any untoward incident .