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Vision and Missions :

English is taught as one of the subjects in the General Courses and as a major subject in the Honours courses in our College. With a view to giving the students a workable knowledge in the English language, English was introduced in the General Courses from very moment of the inception of the College. An honours course in English literature has been introduced from 2011-2012 academic sessions after having cited student’s demand for it. In perspective of the location of the College and the kind of students taking admission in both the courses, the department has found some long-term as well as some immediate goals to achieve for itself.

In the globalised structure of the world today, the importance of English is for ever increasing, especially in a country like ours where the lack a single communicating medium is very much conspicuous. Without a workable knowledge of English, it is very difficult to survive in today’s world. And the prospect of higher studies is just not possible without a considerable proficiency in English. So we have identified the following to be our immediate point of focus.